Rohan’s story: recovery against the odds

Mr A.G Rohan Priyantha, Navajeevana BeneficiaryWhen someone’s life is devastated by a terrible accident, it is good to know that there are caring people who can support them through recovery and rehabilitation. Rohan’s story shows how people in the UK are helping this happen in Sri Lanka right now.

How Rohan came to need help

Rohan Priyantha is 35 years old and comes from the village of Kanathagoda, around one hour from Navajeevana’s base in Tangalla. He lives with his parents and is not married.

Unfortunately around two years ago, Rohan was involved in a devastating road accident. He injured both his arms and legs. He had several fractured bones in his leg and an open wound. He also sustained injuries to the nerves in his right arm leading to difficulty using it.
Rohan had to have an operation on the right arm and shoulder because of this. All these different injuries meant that he had difficulty walking, weakness in the lower limbs, and he couldn’t perform a lot of day-to-day activities, particularly as he is right-handed.

Not alone

Luckily, despite his very severe injuries and difficult recovery, Rohan was not facing these problems alone. He was approached by Navajeevana’s field officers who arranged for him to access the residential therapy centre. For several months, Rohan was able to work with the Navajeevana expert physiotherapists to improve his strength and movement, without having to make the long journey to and from his village.

Rohan receiving physiotherapyThe goal was to strengthen the core muscles around his body through special stretches, exercises and therapies. Specifically, treatments included walking with a crutch, extensions for arms and legs, and core strength work. Navajeevana worked with about 1,000 people in this way last year, both in their holistic therapy centre and out in communities.

Feeling stronger

After two months, Rohan was seeing considerable improvements in his movement, and is able to grip again with his right hand. This means he can get by much better day-to-day and write letters again. Rohan can now balance much better, and feels a lot stronger.

A big part of the support has also been psychological, building self-belief. By working with Rohan every day for two months the Navajeevana team were able to help restore his confidence to get on with life. Rohan feels much more positive to take on life’s challenges,

The next stage is to help Rohan get back to work, and Navajeevana’s training and livelihoods programmes can help here. Last year Navajeevana helped over 400 people with disabilities strengthen their economic independence.

How you helped

Our wonderful UK supporters helped to pay for 25 people like Rohan to receive tailored residential care over the last year. Thanks to your support (via Friends of Navajeevana) he and many others have been able to become more independent and deal with their disabilities.

You can make a regular contribution to Friends of Navajeevana by registering with MyDonate, and we will pass on the full amount to Navajeevana’s projects. Visit our donation page to find out how.

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