Thank you for your support!

We set up Friends of Navajeevana in 2010 to help Navajeevana in its work with people with disabilities in Sri Lanka and bring people together in the UK to raise funds. In 2016 we have come to the decision to close the charity after six successful years of fundraising.

Our intrepid supporters have scaled cliff faces, run countless miles, climbed mountains, pounded the pavements and rowed the entire length of the river Danube. And that’s not to mention the pub quiz, Halloween ball and numerous local fundraising events.

In total we raised over £30,000 for Navajeevana, which the charity has put to excellent use through projects like the Hakmana School, supporting parents of children with cerebral palsy and providing speech therapy. You can see a full list of the projects we funded here.

When we started Friends of Navajeevana. Sri Lanka was emerging from decades of civil war, and Navajeevana was working hard to help communities rebuilding in the aftermath of the tsunami. Now, with a fantastic new Director at its helm, Navajeevana is going from strength to strength, helping thousands of people with disabilities across the whole island.

In our own way, our small charity has made a big difference to the lives of people with disabilities in Sri Lanka. We could not have done this without the amazing energy and generosity of our supporters – so thank you all for your incredible contributions and for being part of such a great project.

Navajeevana of course continues its important work – so do keep in touch with Kumi, Chintha and all of the staff in Tangalle through following them on Facebook, visiting their website, or – best of all – dropping in to visit them in the beautiful south coast of Sri Lanka!

Leonora Merry, Chair of Friends of Navajeevana, 2010-2016

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